Are you gifting your profits to your binary broker?
19 June, 2017


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Welcome Online Warriors to our first part of an educational series which does not bore you with the traditional approach of telling new traders the fundamentals of trading, but rather a few things that are more advanced and overlooked. When you trade for a living, regardless of what you trade, all profits matter a bit more than when you trade like most other traders; for a loss. Those who truly succeed as traders need to think outside the box and take advantage of what is being offered.

Now, most of you probably answered with a resounding ‘No!’ to the question in the headline and for a minority of traders that is the case. Having said that, most of you would have no choice but to answer ‘No!’ as the gifted profits in question can be categorized as a stealth profit which you may be totally unaware of or never bothered to look at. It is hidden in plain sight and you are likely glancing at it every day as you place put and call options.

Here is a quick true and sad story of a binary trader who gifted thousands of USD’s to his prominent binary broker and continues to do so. He started binary trading over five years ago and after a very good start he got more serious about it in his quest to turn a mere hobby into something which would allow him to quit his day job. Fast forward, he trades a decent amount every day and still waits for the day when he can call himself a pro trader.

About two years ago after he blew his initial profits which he rightly chalked up to beginners luck, he made an initial deposit with his preferred binary broker, an industry heavyweight. He decided to take it slow and opted for the minimum deposit of $250 + the 100% bonus which was offered to him so he could start his renewed push into a profitable binary option career. A $500 portfolio in a binary trading account is a very nice start from where skilled traders can grow their account.

Since he ventured into this new trading account he spend the last two years trading his modified strategy and his account is typically ranging between $300 and $700 with $0 in withdrawn profits. As sad is this story is, many just blow their accounts in their quest for profits. This particular traded graduated into the next phase, but without profits. You can be the judge of which one is more frustrating; blowing account after account or spending years within a $400 range without profits. Imagine you work two years in a part-time job without every seeing a single paycheck from it.

Stop gifting your profits to your binary broker!

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