2017 NFL Season Week 5
8 October, 2017


Apologies for our Week 4 selections, the entire team was at a conference and we had no time to publish on time. You can view the update if you wish, but let’s get straight to our Week 5 predictions as we feel very confident about them this week (I know, I know…). The Giants have messed up two of our last bet slips on last second field goals which caused them a loss. Tonight or never is what we have in mind for a struggling team. Packers @ Cowboys, always a nice match-up and can the Bills continue their stampede? Key injuries behind center for the Raiders and Titans could spill trouble. This week we decided not to only give you the games as we think they will play out, but also how we place them on our bet slips. Our TNF predictions was a Patriots victory over the Buccaneers which we got right, just barely with a final score of 19-14.

Here are our 2017 NFL Season Week 5 predictions

  1. New York Jets @ Cleveland Brown; New York Jets. The Jets are not a great team by any means, but we do think that it will be enough to handle the Browns. At some point Cleveland will win a game and this is a great chance for them at home. Cautiously optimistic that Gang Green can make it three W’s in a row.
  2. San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts; Indianapolis Colts. Another game which features two QB’s with plenty to prove. Will Brian Hoyer deliver the first victory for the Gold Rush? This is one tough game to predict and honestly we have been back and forth, first call was a Colts victory and then we changed it to a 49ers win. We stuck with our initial gut feeling that the Colts will take one home, potentially creating a 4-way tie in the division (if our other predictions come true).
  3. Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins; Miami Dolphins. We definitely don’t favor Jay Cutler in any game, but with Mariota ruled out for the game and a struggling Dolphins team at home we give this one to the Miami defense in an attempt to recover something, anything. A Mariota led Titans team would likely crush the Fins.


  1. Carolina Panthers @ Detroit Lions; Carolina Panthers. The Lions have performed well so far while the Panthers have had a very inconsistent performance. The Lions at home are favored to beat the Panthers, but something just doesn’t fit with Detroit being 4-1 and there is no better way to back-up an apology (Cam Newton) with a solid performance.
  2. Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals ; Buffalo Bills. The #1 defense in the NFL may be too much to handle for a struggling Bengals teams which performs more like a tame house cat (not a Siamese or Angora one, but a regular little kitten).
  3. Seattle Seahawks @ LA Rams; Seattle Seahawks . The Rams played better than we expected and the Legion of Boom has disappointed. We do think the Seattle defense will take this division match-up rather serious and with the Cardinals breathing down their back they will try to doom the Rams.


  1. LA Chargers @ New York Giants; New York Giants . Tonight or never for the Giants. Two heart-breaking last second losses in a row may have been enough to awaken the Big Blue and the Chargers (especially since making the very dumb move from San Diego to LA) have played even worse than expected, but at the same time as bad as deserved.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers; Pittsburgh Steelers . We see very little chance for the Jags taking the W out from Steeler territory in this game. This should be one of the easier games for Pittsburgh to win and a much needed buffer for a division crown.
  3. Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles; Philadelphia Eagles. This could be an interesting game to watch, but we do believe that the Eagles will outlast anything the Cardinals will throw at them especially at home.


  1. Baltimore Ravens @ Oakland Raiders; Baltimore Ravens. With Carr sidelined, the Ravens may just be able to eek out a victory here. The Raiders have played horribly without Carr last year and it is likely to continue this year. Oakland may have to miss only this game without their QB, but it could be a crucial one. Tough game with the Ravens needing a win, we pick them based on the absence of Carr.
  2. Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys; Green Bay Packers. Always a nice game to watch and we have the Pack on top of Dallas. This could be a touchdown frenzy with both teams capable of putting 30+ points on the board. Which defense will aid their offense tonight? Either way, Rodgers is expected to add to his steady improvement this season as visible in his QB ratings which have gone up every game this season.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans; Kansas City Chiefs. This will be one tough game for the Chiefs if they want to remain undefeated and the Texans defense will have their hands full. The Chiefs may just have enough of a running game to tire the Texans defense.

We did not add the MNF game into the mix, but think that the Vikings can best the Bears. Neither team is expected to make the play-offs, but the Vikings could bother the Lions behind the Packers in the NFC North. The Bears appear to be (already) playing for a great draft pick next year.

Enjoy our picks, feel free to comment with your own and most importantly enjoy the games while you earn some money!