2017 NFL Season Week 3
24 September, 2017


After a rocky start with our predictions during Week One, we bounced back with four wrong predictions during Week 2. One of those four was the TNF game which we finally got right this week as we had the Los Angeles Rams beating the San Francisco 49ers and it was a great game to watch. No seriously those two teams performed well. The other two were our always-wrong-this-season Jaguars and Giants and the final one was the Packers failing to revenge last year’s loss. Let’s see what Week Three has on the menu.

Here are our 2017 NFL Season Week 3 predictions

  1. Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars (played at Wembley Stadium in London); Baltimore Ravens. We think that the Ravens will go 3-0 to start this season, but so far FXPKRBINARYBET got both Jaguars predictions wrong. We are careful with this one and decide to isolate it together with the Giants, just in case.
  2. Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills; Denver Broncos. It looks like the Broncos will have a rather easy challenge against the Bills. Broncos to remain undefeated.
  3. New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers; Carolina Panthers. Looks like we have a 3-0 theme here with our first three games. The Saints have lacked that one player on offense to help out their aging QB, and they still do. Panthers at home for another Saint’s loss.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers @ Chicago Bears; Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bears may struggle to win many games this season and could look at a season similar to last year’s Cleveland Browns. Steelers in this one all the way.
  5. Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions; Atlanta Falcons. This could be a lot closer of a game than it should be, but we do pick the Falcons in this one after handling the Packers last game. On top of that, Detroit should not be 2-0, and anomalies then to correct over time.
  6. Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts; Indianapolis Colts . Two teams without a victory with the Colts clearly disappointing. One team has to win this game and we give it cautiously to the Colts at home.
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Minnesota Vikings; Tampa Bay Buccaneers . This could be a good game to watch which is not easy to say with any Buccaneers game, but don’t be surprised if the Vikings will be raided today and lose at home; picking the Buccaneers on this one.
  8. Houston Texans @ New England Patriots; New England Patriots . This may be a no-brainer, but if the Texans had a real QB we would have picked them to handle the Patriots a loss. Put this game with the Ravens and Giants game together to protect your other bets and have the Patriots teaching a QB-less Texans team a lesson.
  9. Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets; Miami Dolphins. We pick the Dolphins to swim by the Jets with a rather easy victory. The Jets have been out of fuel for a while and won’t be able refill the tank before kick-off.
  10. New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles; New York Giants. Together with the Jaguars, so far FXPJRBINARYBET got every game for the Giants wrong. They have to win eventually and they will, it may not be this game but the embarrassment may be just big enough to beat the odds.
  11. Seattle Seahawks @ Tennessee Titans; Seattle Seahawks. Now this is a tough one to call, but favoring the Seahawks slightly in this game. The Titans could cruise to a victory, but it depends on which Seahawks team will play which Titans team.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals @ Green Bay Packers; Green Bay Packers. Not much explaining needed here. The Bengals will freeze in the Tundra, not literally as the temperature has not dropped that much yet. The Pack should rebound from the mess they played together last week in Atlanta.
  13. Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers; Kansas City Chiefs. The Chargers should have stayed in San Diego, we have them losing their third game in three. More losses to follow.
  14. Oakland Raiders @ Washington Redskins; Oakland Raiders. Another tough game to call, but we pick the Raiders. They seem to have things in order and are building on the success of last season. They should be able to battle to another victory this game.
  15. Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals; Arizona Cardinals. Arizona has been a difficult team to predict over the past three seasons. The come in with hype about a great defense with a seasoned offense, start great and collapse and then rebuild. This will be a tough test, but we have them outlasting a Cowboys attack.

Enjoy our picks, feel free to comment with your own and most importantly enjoy the games while you earn some money!